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Who Works at My Child’s Clinic?: MDs, NPs, & PAs

  • Katrina Hinds
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MD, NP, PA… We Are All Here For You!

A trip to the doctor used to be a trip to see an MD, a “Medical Doctor”; the pediatrician. Now, even at Redbud Pediatrics, a trip to the doctor is probably to visit the MD (your pediatrician) but also might be to see the Nurse Practitioner (NP) or the Physician Assistant (PA). Who are these other medical providers, you ask? Let’s take a closer look. In short, they are all partners in caring for your child.

Your child’s pediatrician (MD) is the primary provider overseeing his/her medical care!  Each MD at Redbud Pediatrics has completed medical school, residency and a board certification in Pediatrics. Generally speaking, you are likely to see him/her the most. The physician is skilled in caring for all aspects of your child’s health including diagnosing, ordering tests, performing wellness exams, prescribing medication and guiding you through those toddler tantrums. She/he has earned the title of “Dr._____”!

Nurse practitioners (NP’s) start their careers as RN’s and receive advanced training and education in clinical practice. Typically you and your child can call the NP by her first name!

Physician Assistants (PA’s) start their career in a variety of healthcare backgrounds and receive advanced training and clinical rotations prior to practice. PA’s also usually go by their first name.

At Redbud Pediatrics the NP’s and PA’s all have pediatric specific training! They share similar roles in the clinic on a day to day basis. They provide care that includes performing physicals and ordering tests, prescribing medication and treating illness. They also perform some procedures. The NP and PA often inform the pediatrician about important developments or findings that come up during a visit.

The MD’s, NP’s and PA at Redbud Pediatrics are thrilled to have a collaborative relationship which allows us to care for patients more timely and thoroughly, especially during viral season, sports physical season and for unexpected things-that-come-up-with-kids!

MD, PA or NP; we are all invested in developing a partnership with you for the health and well-being of your child!


Katrina Hinds


Katrina Consulting

About The Author - Katrina Hinds, PA

Katrina is a PA at our West side location.  Katrina knows how to use her life experience in her medical practice making her a person we all feel comfortable with. As one of our staff members puts it “Katrina takes the time to teach in terminology I can understand.”
Katrina is also our unofficial advocate for teamwork and keeps us all feeling included and informed.

Away from Redbud Katrina likes to  attend her son’s baseball games & daughter’s volleyball games. She also has an Australian Sheppard, Ozzy, that helps keep her extra busy at home!

Learn more about Katrina on our Meet the Team Page.