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Telemedicine Appointments

Convenient Virtual Visits

In an effort to provide Redbud Pediatrics patients care during local quarantine, self-isolation and general social distancing measures, we now offer telemedicine appointments. Telemedicine appointments give us the ability to provide quality healthcare services safely and remotely via computers, tablets and/or smartphones.

Scheduling a Virtual Visit

Every weekday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, we have virtual visit appointments available for sick visits, mental health visits and all kinds of re-check visits.

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To schedule a virtual visit appointment:

  1. Call the office and make your appointment the same way you would for an in-office visit.
  2. When your appointment time comes, you will receive a text or email with the link to our virtual waiting room.

Checking in for a Virtual Visit

For your virtual visit appointment, be sure to use a computer or device with a camera, microphone and internet access. Your care provider will text or email you an invitation to the visit.

  • Receive Invite Link

    Once you receive the text or email with an invitation to the visit, click the link to get started.

  • Enter Child’s Name

    Type in your CHILD’s name (not the parent’s name) and click “check in.”

  • Allow Camera & Microphone Access

    Follow the prompts to allow your browser to access your webcam and microphone.

  • Enter Virtual Waiting Room

    You will enter your care provider’s virtual waiting room. Your provider will start the visit shortly! If you are waiting for more than 10 minutes, please call the office; something may have delayed your provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What are technology tips for the visit?
    1. Have a good internet connection. Temporarily stop other home Wi-Fi use.
    2. Restart your device before the visit (to ensure audio/video will be reset).
    3. Use the “START TEST” button in the virtual waiting room to ensure audio/video is working.
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    What should we do before the visit?

    Prior to the visit, please:

    • Take your child’s temperature (a few minutes before).
    • Weigh your child.
    • Remove your child’s shirt (if they are less than six years old or if coughing/breathing is a concern).
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    What will we need for the visit?

    For the visit, you will need:

    • Your child who has the virtual appointment. (We love you parents, too, but we need to see your child for most of the visit!)
    • A quiet room with just you and your child together.
    • Good light in front of your child (no bright windows/lights in the background).
    • A small light (separate from the device you’re using) to shine in your child’s mouth or on a body area.
    • All of your child’s medications.
    • A pen and paper to jot down notes.

Having Trouble?

If you are having problems with the telemedicine visit, call our office at (316) 201-1202, option 1.

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