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“I am a Wichitan with a classic Kansas upbringing. I was raised in a large family in a small farming community. My family and upbringing have instilled in me the “small town” values and attitudes that continue to define me today: get along with others (you’ll have them in your classroom until you graduate from high school), take responsibility for your actions (before someone sees your parents and tells on you), look out for one another (because they are looking out for you), and participate in your community (you can’t sit on the bench if there are only five girls on the team)…”

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    “I became a pediatrician because I was drawn to the incredible resiliency, openness, and innocence of children in the face of illness or even chronic diseases. A pediatrician is trained not only to diagnose and treat the illnesses of childhood but also to respect and recognize the vulnerabilities and strengths of children. A good pediatrician will work with families to improve their child’s health and behaviors in a way that will impact them into their adult lives. A good pediatrician can help parents enjoy their children more and worry about them less. This is the kind of physician that all children deserve and that I strive to be.

    I have a lot of things that I feel strongly about as a pediatrician: fruit is good for kids, fruit juice is not. Breastmilk is best, but formula is not toxic! Immunizations save lives, and your child should get all the recommended ones on time. Not all infections need antibiotics. Routines are very important for all children, especially bedtimes. You should read or share books with your child every day. Most nosebleeds are caused by fingers in noses. Seat-belts save lives. Brush your teeth twice a day…
    I would love the opportunity to get to know your family and care for your child at Redbud Pediatrics.”

    — Rebecca Reddy, MD, FAAP

           Managing Partner

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