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“When I was just three months old, my parents left their home in Southeast Asia in a boat in the middle of the night. We drifted for days without food until we reached a safe haven in Malaysia. When we immigrated to the United States, I was just nine months old, and we arrived with few possessions. Through my parents, I learned strength, perseverance and hope. Through their example, I learned what hard work and dedication could bring…”

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    “I was drawn to the pediatric field in medical school because, as a toddler, I became very ill. A very kind doctor not only healed me but was able to ease my parents’ worries without saying a word as my parents didn’t speak English at the time. My mother told me this story many times over my lifetime, and I felt indebted to this physician. Through his example and my parents’ encouragement and motivation, I became a pediatrician.

    Children are innocent and special and need an experienced, kind-hearted pediatrician to take care of them. I have had the honor of caring for children from all sorts of backgrounds. I have seen nervous moms and anxious dads. I have shared laughs, been privileged to participate in important moments and have shed tears with families. I have seen my patients grow from shy toddlers to talkative school children.

    I am blessed to have the opportunity to practice in my home town, close to my family and life-long friends. I relish this time and look forward to many more years of service in this community that has given so much to my family and me. Pediatricians not only treat illnesses, but they have the unique position to provide a foundation to help children become all they can be.

    I would be honored to be your child’s pediatrician and to help your child flourish physically, emotionally and socially!”

    — Jamie Page, MD, FAAP


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