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“Living close to family and friends has always been important to me. I was born and raised in Hutchinson, Kansas and I attended college and medical school in Kansas. My husband was born and raised in McPherson, Kansas. It was important to both of us to raise our family near loved ones and in the communities we love.


My husband and I have one fun-loving son named Cole. He was adopted at birth and we have a great relationship with his bio family. Cole loves all things sports including soccer, football, and more recently basketball. My best friend is my husband, Chris. Chris has worked in several public school systems as a teacher, school counselor and now as a gifted facilitator. The three of us love to travel together, but our favorite place is the quiet of our backyard. We have a Pomapoo named Sonic, named after Sonic the hedgehog. He is fast and a cuddly addition to the Mason family.”

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“I love music, running and books. Playing violin was a big part of my childhood and I have played piano off and on. Running is a more recent hobby and I have completed several half marathons. I have always loved learning new things, especially reading as a child. To this day I have a stack of books by my bed!


Throughout my life, learning has taken different forms. At KU as a student, resident and attending, I learned to appreciate the continuous learning process that is part of this job. As a small-town doc, I learned to appreciate seeing families in their everyday settings in the community and how this impacts health and wellness. As a hospitalist, I learned to appreciate the resiliency of children. In the outpatient setting I learned to appreciate the intricacies of families.


In my career, my favorite experience by far is witnessing children master developmental milestones and parents grow in their confidence in caring for their child. I love to teach and enjoy the process of discussing best options with parents. Developing a relationship with families is a privilege. It would be an honor to care for your child and family at Redbud Pediatrics!”


– Brooke Mason, MD, FAAP


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