Well Child Care

Back to School

  • Dr. Lopez

It’s that time of the year again when our children return back to school routines and, quite frankly, schedules that for some families can be hectic and other’s all together new.

School children may be anxious and excited about their first day of school. I have to admit, I believe many parents are excited and anxious for various reasons as well.

The start of a new school year does entail many stressors that as parents, we can help guide our children. Here are a few tips:

First, make sure that your children are getting at least 9-10 hours of sleep at night. If bedtime routines have not yet been established, as Summer has the tendency to cause children to stay up late, now is the time to start! Have a daily routine and ensure that you keep to your daily bedtime schedule. If you’d like for your child to be in bed at a certain time, but they are falling asleep later than this, try setting a goal each week to move this bed time by 15-30 minutes.

Second, make sure that your child is eating a healthy breakfast. Dr. Corinn Cross, from Healthy Children Radio, comments that preparing in advance for breakfast can really make breakfast preparation time much quicker. Healthy breakfast options include hard boiled eggs, yogurt parfait, instant oatmeal, cottage cheese, apples with peanut butter, nuts, cheese, fruit, even breakfast for dinner!

Third, you know your child better than anyone else. Get to know your child’s teacher and develop a relationship with your child’s teacher. If you know that your child is quiet, shy or outgoing, take the opportunity to give this information to the teacher even before the teacher has a chance to learn this on their own. If you child has any underlying medical issue, this is a great opportunity to inform the teacher as well.

Good luck to all of our children as they return to school and may this school year be filled with lots of learning and lasting memories!!!