A Letter to Redbud Families – COVID-19 Update

  • Dr. Reddy
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Dear Redbud Families,


There has been a dramatic increase in sick patients at Redbud Pediatrics as the COVID Omicron variant has arrived in Sedgwick County.  Many of you have already had first- hand experience of this, with disruptions in school, work and daycare, and COVID or influenza illness in the last few weeks.  We are working to serve our patients and community as best as we can.  Our staff is fully vaccinated, boosted, and is coming in early, staying late, and working on their days off while also trying to balance their family life.


We are thankful for you, our wonderful patients and your families, and will continue to provide your children safe, high quality well child care, immunizations, and care when they are sick.  In order to do so, we are no longer be able to offer appointments to test children for COVID-19 if they have had exposure but have minimal to no symptoms. We understand the frustration this may cause and hope you understand.


Our pediatricians at Redbud have confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the COVID and FLU vaccines in keeping families out of hospitals and emergency rooms and in safeguarding time in school and work.  We encourage everyone to protect their children and themselves by receiving the FLU and COVID vaccine and booster. Immunization appointments for patients and their caregivers are available at both Redbud office locations and throughout the community.  We truly appreciate all of you who have been so courteous throughout this prolonged and tiresome pandemic and we look forward to the day when we can see everyone’s smiling faces again!



Redbud Pediatrics providers & staff


For more information on quarantine and isolation guidelines please click here: