Well Child Care

Redbud Pediatrics is a medical home for your child. This concept means that Redbud Pediatrics should be “home base” for all of your child’s medical needs. We take the responsibility of caring for our patients very seriously, and strive to provide the highest quality pediatric care in an accessible manner. Caring for the health of a child requires a team approach, with the parents as team leader and the pediatrician as partner. This requires a relationship of mutual respect and good communication with one another.

If your child has another significant health problem at the time of their well visit, you will be asked to complete a “sick visit” that day, and reschedule the well visit for another day.

Babies and toddlers: Infants through age 3 years are seen for routine well care at 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 30, and 36 months. There are quite a few visits in this time span, and with good reason. Your child’s first 3 years are in many ways the most important years of life. This is when the majority of brain and body growth occurs, and when development of motor, speech and social/intellectual abilities takes place. It is also the time that children are most vulnerable to childhood illnesses.

School age children: From age 3 years through age 12 years, your child should be seen for well care once per year. We ask that families plan to use this time for their child’s preventative care, and not as a time for care of minor illnesses or chronic problems such as asthma, skin care, food allergy, behavior problems, injury follow-up, etc. Preventative visits at these ages are busy enough with screening vision and hearing, growth review, diet and activity counseling, physical examination, developmental, psychosocial screening, routine labs, immunizations, safety/developmental counseling, and sometimes multiple required school examinations and forms! (whew!)

Teens : Adolescents need to have a caring adult helping make health care decisions, but there are certain circumstances which under Kansas law will allow a teen under age 18 ( a “minor”) to seek care without parental consent. We encourage teens to involve a parent in any difficult issue they are confronting, and can help facilitate open communication between teens and parents if they are unable to do so without help. Teens have the right to confidentiality with their health care provider. We will not share information that your teen has told us in confidence UNLESS: 1.) there is a suspicion of abuse or neglect of the teen or another, or 2.) there is threat of harm to the teen or another.

Kansas law allows minors to consent to their own medical care without a parent or guardian in specific circumstances: 1.) care and treatment for drug and alcohol problems, and 2.) certain reproductive health care, such as for STD testing, pregnancy testing, and contraceptive use.

AT AGE 13 YEARS: Teens in our practice will be given their own room (without siblings) for their well and sick visits. It is our expectation that a portion of well visits will be spent in private without the parent present.

AT AGE 16 YEARS: Teens may consent to their own care if the parent is not immediately available. This means that a 16 year old may come to any or all visits without an accompanying parent if desired. We encourage parents to wait in the waiting room and allow their teen to lean to facilitate their own visits. This helps them to transition into taking responsibility for their own medical care.

AT AGE 18 YEARS: 18 year olds are legal adults. This means that parents are not permitted any access to any medical information or records unless the patient age 18 years or older has given specific written permission (see our “Over 18 HIPAA Release and Consent” document). Also, 18 year old patients on a state insurance plan (any MEDICAID plan) need to be alerted that their insurance coverage will STOP IMMEDIATELY on the day that they turn 19 years old, unless there is an exemption given in advance due to certain life threatening chronic diseases.