Rx and Refills

Refills: Please contact your pharmacy for refills. If there are no refills remaining on your child’s prescription, your pharmacy will contact us.

Generic Medications: Our office policy is to always prescribe generic or insurance preferred brand if known in order to keep costs down. If your prescription costs more than expected, please ASK YOUR PHARMACIST IF THERE IS A LESS EXPENSIVE CHOICE. If your pharmacy is of no help please call your insurance company for a list of covered medications, and then contact our office for advice.

Electronic prescribing: Our office usually sends prescriptions via a secure electronic prescription service at the end of your child’s visit. We recommend you allow your pharmacy 30-60 minutes to receive and acknowledge the prescription, then call the pharmacy to confirm before going to pick it up. If the pharmacy does not have the prescription within 1 hour please contact our office to resolve the problem.

Controlled substances: Please note that most ADHD medications and some pain management medications are classified as controlled substances because of their risks and potential for abuse. Federal law mandates that we have special rules for these prescriptions. This means that you cannot call the pharmacy for a refill. Please call our office several days in advance, because the prescription must be refilled on a monthly basis and picked up in person. We ask that you notify us in advance if someone other than parent or guardian will be picking up a controlled substance. Please be prepared to show identification.

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