What does Redbud do?


In an effort to provide our patients care during local quarantine, self-isolation and general social distancing measures, we now offer telemedicine appointments.

Telemedicine gives us the ability to provide quality healthcare services safely and remotely to patients via computer, tablet or mobile device. Please call the office to schedule a telemedicine visit if your child is ill.

Well Child Care

Redbud Pediatrics is a medical home for your child. This concept means that Redbud Pediatrics should be “home base” for all of your child’s medical needs. We take the responsibility of caring for our patients very seriously, and strive to provide the highest quality pediatric care in an accessible manner. Caring for the health of a child requires a team approach, with the parents as team leader and the pediatrician as partner. This requires a relationship of mutual respect and good communication with one another.

Sick Care

Appointments are available for same day sick visits on an as needed basis. A nurse often will be asked to talk with you on the phone and see how urgently your child should be seen. We prefer not to see walk in patients; please call our clinic and we will schedule an appointment according to your needs.

Chronic Illness

Asthma, ADD/ADHD, weight problems, developmental problems, or any other ongoing physical or mental health problem your child has will require periodic office visits outside of well care to focus on the problem and achieve the best outcome for your child.

Prenatal Information

We are excited that you might choose us to provide care for one of the most important people in your life, your baby! To help new parents, we have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions that are asked at a prenatal appointment for your review.

After Hours Advice

During business hours: One of our registered nurses or trained medical staff can answer questions for you. The staff consults with our physicians as needed to provide you with accurate information and advice

Rx and Refills

Please contact your pharmacy for refills. If there are no refills remaining on your child’s prescription, your pharmacy will contact us. Our office policy is to always prescribe generic or insurance preferred brand if known in order to keep costs down.


At Redbud Pediatrics, we believe that providing immunizations for our patients may be the single most important health-promoting care we provide. Immunizations are most effective when the entire community participates.


Referrals should be coordinated with our physicians. We will discuss any potential referral with you at an office visit, help choose the best specialist to send your child to, and follow through with recommendations that the specialist had for your child’s care.