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Redbud Pediatrics is a Medical Home


Redbud Pediatrics is a medical home for your child. This concept means that Redbud Pediatrics should be “home base” for all of your child’s medical needs. We take the responsibility of caring for our patients very seriously, and strive to provide the highest quality pediatric care in an accessible manner. Caring for the health of a child requires a team approach, with the parents as team leader and the pediatrician as partner. This requires a relationship of mutual respect and good communication with one another.

Coordinating medical care for your child is our responsibility as your child’s medical home. Redbud Pediatrics.

The emergency room is no place for a healthy child with a minor illness, and exposes your child to the risk of catching a contagious illness, or receiving substandard care, or excessive care. If you are uncertain if you should take your child to the Urgent care or the Emergency room please call our office to speak with a triage nurse.

Referrals should be coordinated with our physicians. We will discuss any potential referral with you at an office visit, help choose the best specialist to send your child to, and follow through with recommendations that the specialist had for your child’s care. If your child sees a specialist that we did not refer to, we usually do not take responsibility for completing insurance referral forms or following through on recommendations that were made by that specialist.

Maintaining your child’s care in our medical home results in a safer and higher quality of medical care. If your child is routinely taken for medical care outside of Redbud Pediatrics without our referral or advice, you may be asked to leave the practice.

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